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Here are some questions that we are frequently asked and our answers to them. If your question is not listed please feel free to contact us.

Q1.  Can the jack positions be changed?

A.No. all the jacks holes are laser drilled at the enclosure factory to ensure dead- eye accuracy.

Q2. On loopers with more than one loop, can I have more than one loop engaged at the same time?

A. Yes. You can have as many loops as you want on at the same time or any combination of loops on at the same time.

Q3.  Could I use a normal loop as a tuner mute if I didn’t connect  a lead to the return jack?

A.  Yes you could but a tuner mute is wired differently. You could get some bleed of the tuning sound to the amp so it is not guaranteed to be totally silent. Also, a tuner mute is wired to bypass all other loops. A normal loop is not, so if any other loops are engaged they will sound.

Q4. On a unit with loops and a tuner mute, do I need to turn all loops off  before tuning?

A. No. The tuner mute, when pressed, over rides all loops whether engaged or not, guaranteeing purity of tuning regardless of the status of your looper at the time.

Q5. What’s the deal with a master switch?

A. The master is very useful, especially on units with several loops. If you have several loops engaged say for a solo and then the song requires a  passage of clean sound; hitting the master kills all loops with just one stomp. Of course you can also use this function the opposite way around, pre selecting loops and using the master to bring them in later.

Q6. Can the LED colour be changed?

A. Sorry, not at this moment in time.

Q7. Can you produce loopers having more than twelve loops?

A. Yes, The way we do this (to avoid the excessive cost of having a one off enclosure made) is to link two loopers together with screened cable and wire them to work as one looper. Any combination of loopers is possible. You could have up to 20 loops (2 X SL10) for example.

There is a link wiring charge of £15.00 for this service. Go here to purchase.

Q8. when you first press the master, do the loop LED’s go off?

A. No. When the master is hit, the green LED lights and  any loops engaged  also remain lit ( these are red). Therefore you always know which loops will re- engage when you knock the master off.

Q9.  Is a buffer necessary?

A. It really depends on your set up. If you have a large looper and your pedal board is totally true bypass, to avoid top end loss due to the length of the cables Swift recommend a buffer placed before the looper. If your pedal board  is not totally true bypass i.e. some pedals are not looped, then a buffer probably is not necessary.

Q10.  Do the loopers work without power?

A. Yes the loopers will work without power but the LED’s will not light up.

Q11. Why do these loopers not produce a pop when hit if all the switches are analogue?

A. It's not the switch which produces the pop its the way the switch is wired which causes the pop. A lot of true bypass wiring schemes switch on the inputs- that's bad engineering and can cause a pop. Swift units are switched on the outputs ensuring total silence.

Q12. If stage vibration makes a jack come loose will the looper fail mid show?

A. No. Unlike many other loopers, Swift loopers do not rely on the case for their earth. We fit an extra common earth to all jacks this means if a jack comes loose it will not affect the pedal's performance in any way.